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Home Comfort Solutions for Sunrooms

Sunrooms can present a challenge when you’re looking for maximum comfort, summer or winter, from some sort of HVAC solution. Let’s look at some of the options for your sunroom HVAC.


In our warm climate, a space heater may provide as much heat as you need for your sunroom in winter. With the sun shining in, perhaps all you’ll require is a little heat on your feet. But bear in mind if you want the heat to stay on when you’re out of the room, a space heater isn’t the best option.

Heating and Cooling

Your HVAC solution may be a system that furnishes both heating and cooling, such as your central HVAC system. But that could require extending your ductwork, and that may be expensive, or it may be your HVAC system is designed just to condition the air in the existing square footage, and not in an additional space. In that case, you’d need to confer with an HVAC company to get a recommendation on installing a system with a larger capacity and also to extend the ductwork.

Perfect Solution for Small Spaces

One of the best heating and cooling solutions for add-ons, sunrooms or any space that is not connected to your central HVAC system is a ductless mini split. This is a type of heat pump that, as the name suggests, does not need ducts to deliver conditioned air.

Mini splits are quieter than central cooling and heating, and deliver a nice, even flow of air without that big burst associated with forced air systems. They are compact, and offer some versatile mounting and installation choices that can be tailored to the room you want to heat or cool. They consist of two components — an indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor, connected by a conduit that contains refrigerant lines and wiring. Some models can handle as many as four air handlers. Air handlers may be mounted on floors, walls or ceilings, or may be freestanding.

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