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How to Protect Your Home from Dust Mites

How to Protect Your Home from Dust MitesDust mites are the most common cause of indoor airborne allergies and they’re prevalent in almost all homes. Instead of using chemical controls, the best dust mite protection comes from indoor climate and environmental controls along with cleaning.

When you need to lower the dust mite population, consider:

Using your HVAC system.

Filtration and humidity control are two good ways to lower the dust mite population. They thrive in the humid conditions that dominate summertime weather. Whenever the relative indoor humidity approaches 60 percent, dust mite populations increase. Your air conditioner removes humidity as it cools your home and if the humidity remains over 50 or 60 percent, the mites will reproduce faster.

Although filtration doesn’t stop population growth, it does remove the mite waste from the air as long as the filter is dense enough to trap the particles. Lowering the volume of mites in the air will reduce allergy symptoms and the filter provides good dust mite protection throughout the house.

Laundering the bedding weekly.

Wash the bedding in hot water and use the hottest setting on the dryer. Mites will die at 140 degrees F.

Skip the broom.

Instead of sweeping hard surface floors, vacuum them using a HEPA (high efficiency particular air) filter. HEPA filters trap extremely small particles, including dust mite waste.

Dusting with a damp rag.

Dusting with a dry cloth simply redistributes dust particles, including dust mites and their waste. Make sure the cloth is wet enough to capture the particles. Rinse thoroughly when the cloth gets dirty.

Replacing carpeting with hard surface flooring.

Dust mites thrive inside carpets, especially in the bedrooms. If new flooring isn’t in the budget, have them steam cleaned several times a year. Steam is hot enough to kill dust mites.

Using blinds instead of fabric window coverings.

Swapping out upholstered furniture with impervious coverings like leather or wood.

With a bit of effort and investment, it’s possible to achieve dust mite protection to reduce the discomfort that their waste causes. To learn more about filtration and dehumidification, contact Beyer Boys, providing HVAC services for San Antonio homeowners.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater San Antonio, Texas area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).